The Christian life is meant to be an adventure. If you’re bored with your spiritual walk, I’ve got news for you; you’re doing it wrong. It is my deep desire to equip you to walk in the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit through quality teaching, testimonies, impartation, and demonstration of the Spirit’s power. May you discover the adventure of saying “yes” to God.

Watch encouraging testimonies, sermons, teachings, and demonstrations of God’s supernatural power to heal so that you can be equipped to walk in God’s power in your life.

My blog contains lots of in-depth teaching on several topics including spiritual gifts and power evangelism, as well as amazing testimonies of what happens when you dare to say “yes” to God.

If you would like to invite JonMark to speak at your Church or event, fill out an invitation request here, or email me at JonMarkBakerMinistries@gmail.com. You can also get in touch with me through my facebook page.