Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Christian life is meant to be an adventure. If you’re bored with your spiritual walk, I’ve got news for you; you’re doing it wrong. I want to equip you to walk in the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit so that the world will see the glory of God through His Church.

I provide you with lots of practical teaching on how to heal the sick, share the Gospel, and receive prophetic words from the Holy Spirit. God wants to demonstrate His power through you. I hope you are encouraged to step into the amazingly adventurous life that God has for you. May you discover the adventure of saying “yes” to God.

5 Tips for Receiving Words of Knowledge + Live Demonstration with Healing

In this video, I share 5 practical tips for receiving words of knowledge and give a live demonstration along with some healings from a message I gave at the Loft Church in Herrin, Illinois.

Voice of God

I appeared in the film, “Voice of God”. It is a powerful movie which will equip you to hear and respond to God’s voice in your life. It contains interviews with Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, Will Hart, and more. You can check out this powerful film at supernaturaltruth.com.

Paid in Full

In this powerful film, you will witness the miraculous power of God to heal the sick. More than that, you will receive practical teaching on how to minister healing yourself. God’s healing power is provided for through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This film will fire you up. Check it out at supernaturaltruth.com.